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    Friday, October 12, 2007

    New Release Date for The (Final) Inquiry

    CT Movies has a piece on FoxFaith one year after its inception, which towards the end makes the following note about The Inquiry
    The Final Inquiry, a made-for-TV movie in Italy (original title: L'Inchiesta), was one of those long listed as "coming soon" on the Fox Faith website, but Bixler says it will have a "small theatrical" release in January 2008, followed by video at Easter.
    There's a little bit more on this announcement at FilmChat. Peter, who I believe has actually seen the film, says that he has been told that "the film has been re-cut" and speculates that it's most likely "the Dolph Lundgren fight scenes" which have faced the chop. He's also puzzled by the above Spanish poster which has titled the film En Busca De La Tumba De Cristo (In Search of the Tomb of Christ) - "I don't believe the location of the tomb is ever in question in this film".

    Looking back over my previous posts on this film, I note that originally it was claimed that Sir Ben Kingsley was involved in this film, but that neither his name, nor his face, appear on the poster above, so it may also been that his scenes have been cut, or re-shot without him.

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