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    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Another Animated Noah Film in the Works?

    I got back from Morocco last night, and had to prepare to go to London first thing this morning, so normal service will resume around here shortly. Meanwhile, Peter Chattaway picked up a Variety story about a potential CGI Noah film.
    Indie financer Unified Pictures (Bob Funk) is launching development of $35 million CG-animated feature Noah’s Ark - to be told from the point of view of the animals in the ark.

    Unified has signed Philip LaZebnik (The Prince of Egypt, Mulan, Pocahontas) to script. The shingle’s relying on its private financing, and ElectroAge has already started on the animation.

    Unified topper Keith Kjarval said improvements in CG technology will make it possible to give Ark the look and feel of a studio pic. He anticipates that the toon will be completed over the next two years.
    This is just the latest in a series of Noah films, several of which have been animated. And as Peter goes on to mention there are supposedly another 3 animated Noah's Ark films in production (not to mention Darren Aronofsky, so who knows which of them will actually happen.

    Anyway, given the release of Evan Almighty earlier in the year, I was surprised to see that I'd not yet made a list of Noah films, so here it is:
    Noah's Ark (1909)
    The Deluge (1911)
    The Bible: Noah (1921) [Part of series]
    Noah's Ark (1928)
    Father Noah's Ark (1933)
    Green Pastures (1936)
    Noah's Ark (1959)
    Noah (1964) [Belgian]
    The Bible: In the Beginning (1966)
    In Search of Noah's Ark (1976) [Documentary]
    Greatest Heroes of the Bible: The Story of Noah (1976)
    Genesis: Creation and the Flood (1994)
    Testament: Creation and Flood (1996)
    Noah's Ark (1999) [TV}
    Fantasia 2000 (1999)
    Evan Almighty (2007)
    There are a few other minor films/cartoons showing on the IMDB, so I may add them in in the next few days.

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    • At 5:58 pm, October 10, 2007, Blogger Christopher Heard said…

      Your list seems to be limited to English-language films. While I was in Argentina this past June, theaters were running trailers for a July 2007 release of El Arca, an animated film by the Argentine studio Patagonik. I returned to the USA before the film released, so I haven't seen it. The trailer is available on YouTube (provided by the studio). The film features talking animals and, apparently, a couple of stowaway humans dressed up as animals.

    • At 8:35 am, October 16, 2007, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Thanks Christopher,

      El Arca had totally passed me by!

      There are a couple of international titles on the above list, but I'm still trying to wade my way through the various titles on the IMDb. Hopefully I'll add some more soon.



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