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    Friday, April 04, 2008

    CNN Video on The Messiah

    Yesterday's Biblical Studies Carnival brought my attention to a couple of other bloggers who have been discussing the Iranian Jesus film Mesih (The Messiah). Tony Chartrand-Burke discusses both it and The Aquarian Gospel over at Apocryphicity, and Jim Davila of PaleoJudaica notes a similarity with Life of Brian.

    However, the big news is that CNN have a report showing some footage from the film interspersed with some comments from director Nader Talebzadeh. According to that the film will be released over the web shortly. I should warn you, however, that the report contains a major spoiler. I've been trying to get hold of Talebzadeh to get more information, but, as you might imagine, it's not that easy.

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    • At 11:23 am, April 10, 2008, Blogger Kevin C. Neece said…

      Couldn't resist. I watched it, spoiler and all! I'm so excited. :) Thanks for the continued diligence on this one. An online release is...well, at least something. But I really want to see a good DVD treatment. I wonder if an Iranian DVD might be available somewhere.


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