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    Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    Paul Flesher on Jesus Christ, Superstar and Ten Commandments

    Having enjoyed Paul Flesher and Robert Torry's "Film and Religion: An Introduction" it's been a shame that they have used their blog so sparingly. Indeed Flesher's two recent posts, on Jesus Christ, Superstar and The Ten Commandments (1956), are the first entries for 2009.

    Unfortunately, I've not got time to go into the details (it's just turned midnight as I write), but to summarise, his piece on The Ten Commandments compares it to the work of Melito of Sardis, whilst his post on Jesus Christ, Superstar looks at the love triangle at the core of the film. It's interesting stuff so here's hoping these posts mark the start of more frequent blog posts from Paul Flesher.

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