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    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Ben Hur Live Premières Tomorrow

    Back in November I mentioned plans to produce a live version of "Ben Hur" at the O2 Arena. The show is set to première tomorrow, and news of the production has found its way onto the front page of the BBC website. This follows an article about the show in Variety last month.

    For those not in the know, the O2 arena is the former Millennium Dome, which is big enough to allow the show to feature a live chariot race, with the horses apparently reaching 55km/h. That, however, is not the productions only bold move. Inspired by The Passion of the Christ the film's actors will speak in Aramaic and Latin. The production's creator, Franz Abraham, has spent 15 years making the show reality but is predicting that it will run for "50 years".

    The score has been composed by former drummer in "The Police", Stewart Copeland. Copeland' early months were spent in the Middle East,so it's no surprise to hear that his music for the show will have an Arabic feel.

    Tickets for the show are still available from the O2 website.


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