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    Friday, July 31, 2009

    Articles on Last Temptation of Christ

    I've been searching for the picture above to complement an article I'm writing for ReJesus on the Gospel of Philip, and in doing so I cam across a couple of articles on Last Temptation of Christ that I thought might be of interest (or at least that I might want to find easily at some point in the future!).

    The first, which I actually thought I had already linked to was the review by Matthew Dessem of the Criterion Contraption. There are a number of interesting reviews on that site, and they are usually pretty image rich as well.

    Then there's the review is from the Images Journal, and it was here I found the above. Going to their, more attractive, homepage it seems that they have a special love for the other great cinematic passion of mine - the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

    Lastly, The Screengrab features author Phil Nugent recalling his visit to the set in Morocco.



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