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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    More on Ben Hur Mini-Series

    Thanks to both Thomas Langkau and Peter Chattaway for the news on filming locations for the Ben Hur miniseries. In short, Variety, and the German IMDB both carry the news that filming will start in May in Spain, Morocco and Canada. Variety also notes that Steve Shill (Rome) will direct and Alan Sharp (Rob Roy) will pen the script. The production's budget is said to be $22.5 million thanks to a host of co-production partners from various countries.

    Having re-checked the production website there's also a fairly interesting sales flyer to look at, including an intro. from Shrill which promises a gritty, "cinema vérité-style", and an indication of the range of tie-in products we might expect come next Easter. There's also a fairly lengthy synopsis including the following excerpt which may allay the fears of those concerned that the miniseries might water down the Christian message of the original novel.
    Many Judeans are turning to a teacher named Jesus, whom
    some believe is the Messiah, a leader who will drive out the Roman occupiers.

    Ben Hur, encouraged by this possibility, risks his life , fighting with the rebels against the Romans, while Esther faces her worst fear when she finds that Ben Hur’s mother and sister are now lepers.Although Ben Hur is overjoyed to be reunited with them, he is distraught by their affliction. Esther urges him to open his heart to the power of Jesus’ words. Moved by the message of Jesus and the love of Esther, Ben Hur finds the strength to renounce violence, embrace his family, and finally forgive those who sought to destroy him. At last the slave, the charioteer, the rebel, is at peace.



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