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    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Mallika Sherawat Given Leading Role in The Aquarian Gospel

    As if Drew Heriot's The Aquarian Gospel could get any stranger, The Times of India is reporting that Bollywood sex symbol Mallika Sherawat will play one of Jesus's loyal (and celibate) friends. Sherawat has caused controversy in India over her, er, more western attitude to her attire which has heightened her profile overseas. In 2005 she starred opposite Jackie Chan (pictured) in The Myth and there are rumours of various other Hollywood productions.

    Heriot is quoted as saying "Mallika is not just a pretty face. She is versatile, [and] has a background in philosophy, so she will convey the richness of the subject matter". Sherawat aims to bring wisdom and humour to her role qualities she finds largely lacking in "most mythological and spiritual film stories".

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