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    Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    Sigl's 13th Disciple (13. Jünger)
    Jesus and his Evil Twin

    In what can only be an attempt to top the craziness of The Aquarian Gospel, German filmmaker Robert Sigl is planning to make a film about Jesus and his evil twin. The film will be produced by fieber.film who have this to say about it on their website:
    Der 13. Jünger (The 13th disciple)
    Are you sure you are ready for India?
    a film by Robert Sigl (director of Laurin, Lexx-The Dark Zone, School`s out, Island of Fear)

    Genre: Horror/Adventure
    Status: Script available, Financing, Shooting Autumn 2008 in India in english Language
    I've only had a brief search of the internet, but there are already quite a few pieces about this out there. A number of them are from India where filming is due to begin next year. The Hindu notes that the project is already a decade old, and like the Daijiworld Media Network repeats the filmmakers claims that the film is fictional and therefore not meant to be offensive.

    There's a also a piece from Reuters which describes the film's plot thus:
    It's a fantasy-adventure film and takes place completely in present-day India... The story traces the journey of two German archaeologists looking for evidence that Jesus visited India.

    The researchers, who are twins themselves, find that Jesus had an evil twin brother who is reincarnated in the present as the scheming head of a religious sect.
    Budget is believed to be about 5 million euros, and the cast will consist largely of Indian actors.



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