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    Friday, October 13, 2006

    Medved Heaps Praise on One Night With the King

    A few more bits on One Night With The King.

    Firstly, Michael Medved is interviewed on the One Night With The King official website after he watched the film. He gushes with praise for it, at one stage calling it "the most pro-Jewish movie I’ve seen in many years".

    Elsewhere, Variety is similarly impressed, there's a mixed review at Las Vegas Weekly, and LA Weekly absolutely slates it saying it "plods across the screen with the thudding portent of an earnest Sunday-school lesson". Personally, I found the pacing to be pretty good, with the filmmakers eschewing the temptation to make it three hours just because it's an epic. That said, I would have preferred less emphasis on the love story and more on the closing chapters (which were kind of skipped by), but that's just personal taste.

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