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    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Ron Reed on Son of Man

    I'm used to nodding my head whenever I read a film review by Ron Reed - one of my favourite film writers and a good friends to boot. So it's no real surprise to find that he shares my appreciation for Mark Dornford-May's Son of Man. Ron's written about it on his "Soul Food" blog, but here's a brief excerpt
    It's got elements fairly early on that put me on edge, pushing my "uh oh this is heresy" or "darn they're completely humanizing/politicizing the story" buttons. But frankly, I like my Jesus movies that way: otherwise, I'm too sure where they're headed, and I just sit in my theatre seat checking off the Bible stories, nodding at the orthodoxy. This one rattled me enough, and shuffled the story around enough, that I was leaning forward in my seat right through.
    I'm not quite sure what he sees as "heresy", found little that way myself, but I certainly share his appreciation for the film (see my review), and it's definitely it's different-ness that I admire. Any Canadians interested in seeing it (or just anyone near Vancouver) might like to know it is showing there tomorrow as part of the VIFF.



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