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    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Jesus of Nazareth - 6hr Region 2 DVD Out Today

    I've mentioned the DVD release of Jesus of Nazareth a couple of times already, but thought I'd give a bit more detail on the release as today is the release day.

    As I've already noted this "special edition" comes in SteelbookTM packaging, which is a nice bonus - it looks a lot nicer than plastic, and lasts a lot longer than cardboard. There aren't many other extras. This, I believe, is not uncommon for TV series' from 30 years ago - there just isn't that much extra material available to use.

    The main menu is shown below, the two pictures to the right and left change, and the programme's title music plays as these pictures cycle. The episode/scene selection screen is also fairly nicely laid out, and lets you choose between episodes as well as between scenes.
    Finally, I got a question from my first post on this release regarding image quality, which, according to that poster, isn't too great on the existing region 1 release. I don't have anything to compare it by, but I'm pretty pleased with the quality. I've posted a couple of images from the film. If you click on them you'll get the biggest size image I was able to create, and it's in Bitmap format, which I believe is higher quality than the JPGs I usually post. This second one is a more blurred than it looks on screen, I'll try and see if I can get a better image when I have a bit more time.Finally, just a reminder that I reviewed this film for my first ever Jesus Films Podcast.

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