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    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Spoof Feature Film of The Ten Commandments in the works

    UPDATES here

    This is probably old news by now, but Jeffrey Overstreet blogged about a forthcoming parody of The Ten Commandments, to be called The Ten. The original story came from Variety. You have to subscribe to get the full story, but the interesting part is quoted below:
    City Lights Pictures and MEGA Films have teamed to finance and produce "The Ten," a comedy spoofing the Ten Commandments, to be directed by David Wain ("Wet Hot America Summer").

    Pic, written by Wain and Ken Marino, will star Paul Rudd, Amanda Peet, Jessica Alba, Ken Marino, Justin Theroux and Adam Brody.

    Jonathan Stern will produce with Morris Levy for MEGA along with Marino, Rudd and Wain. City Lights CEO Danny Fisher and Michael Almog will exec produce, Michael Califra will co-exec produce and Marcus Lansdell will associate produce.

    Filming will begin in July, primarily in New York
    I know very little about most of the film's actors. Amanda Peet was chilling in her small role in Changing Lanes, Alba did what she had to do, I guess, in Sin City (my review). I probably know the most about Paul Rudd, who is best known to me as Mike in "Friends", but was recently very funny opposite Will Ferrell in Anchorman. The fact that his name comes first suggests that he will take the Moses part, which can only be a good thing as far as this film goes.

    That said, I'm not optimistic that this will be a good film. In fact, I suspect that there will be fewer laughs in the entire thing than there was in 2 minutes of the spoof trailer Ten Things I Hate About Commandments. Furthermore, there has already been a spoof Moses film - shameless Life of Brian~ cash in Wholly Moses (1980). Even Dudley Moore and Richard Pryor's immense comic talents couldn't save that from being an unmitigated disaster.

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