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    Thursday, April 06, 2006

    The Ten Commmandments (2006) - Part 2 Scene Guide

    The scene guide for part 1 on this new version of The Ten Commandments
    was posted yesterday, and a proper review of the film will follow tomorrow.
    Part 2
    Egyptian army destroyed in the sea (Ex 14:23-28)
    Israel celebrates destruction of the army (Ex 14:29- 15:21)
    > non-scriptural episodes
    Waters of Marah (Ex 15:22-26)
    Manna and Quail (Ex 16:1-31)
    Water from Rock (Ex 17:1-7)
    > non-scriptural episodes
    Victory over the Amalekites (Ex 17:8-14)
    > non-scriptural episode
    Jethro's visit (Ex 18:1-27)
    > non-scriptural episodes
    The Ten Commandments given to Moses (Ex 19 & 20)
    The people worship a golden calf (Ex 32:1-6)
    Punishment for following the golden calf (Ex 32:25-28)
    The stone tablets are given to Moses again (Ex 33:1-5, 12-17)
    Death of Moses (Deut 34:1-9)
    A Few Notes
    It is the second half of this film where it begins to distinguish itself from other films on the life of Moses. By compressing the opening 14 chapters of Exodus into the first 90 minute segment, it creates room in the second half of the film to explore more unfamiliar territory, notably the time Israel spent in the desert prior to the handing down of the Ten Commandments.

    Only De Bosio's 1975 Moses film includes the victory over the Amalekites. A few films include the manna and quails, but this is the only film that I can recall showing the sweetening of the waters of Mara (although I think that is present in the six hour cut of the De Bosio film).

    This is the only film that I can recall Moses sending Zipporah away between his return to Egypt in chapter 4 of Exodus, and the visit of Jethro in chapter 18. It was surprising, however, particularly given the presence of Omar Sharif, how this later section was handled.

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    • At 12:15 pm, January 04, 2008, Blogger Clayton Van March said…

      Hi Matt.

      I posted on Part 1's scene guide a few minutes ago, but I thought I would post on this one too.
      Part Two was also interesting. I was impressed with the first Act, when God drowns Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea, and how they used stock footage for the waves that engulfed them. Moses then finds his Egyptian Adoptive brother Menerieth dead on the shore, and moarns. This is suprisingly Jewish, as on Passover, the Jews drink wine, and remember the many Egyptians that persihed because of Pharaoh's stubborness. It also does cover a lot of things that have rarely or never been covered in all previous versions. Yes, the wars are incredibly violent, but accurate, and it's version of the giving of the ten commandments were incredibly accurate. Again, the special effects were very good, and the costumes were very well-made. All in all, this miniseries was really good, and it is rare for television to create such good quality productions as this.
      Nice entry again Matt! Very helpful:)


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