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    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Hardwicke in Negotiations to direct The Nativity

    It's a little embarrassing that Jeffrey Overstreet always beats me to the good stories, but there you go. Two weeks ago he discovered a script called The Nativity had been sold, now he's got a name for the director.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter "Catherine Hardwicke is in negotiations to direct Nativity, New Line Cinema's look at the life of the Virgin Mary before the birth of Christ. You have to pay a subscription to read the full story, but Cinematical includes a few more snippets including the news that:
    the screenplay follows Mary and Joseph's life...as their love, faith and beliefs are tested." Over the course of their travels form Nazareth to Bethlehem, the couple interact with a slew of biblical figures, including John the Baptist and King Herod.
    Personally I've not heard of Hardwicke, who directed the controversial Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown, Quoting Hollywood Reporter, Cinematical states that New Line want Hardwicke because she'll will bring a "strong female perspective". Overstreet buzzes "I'm trembling. This is incredible. When I posted the news about the script sale a few days back, I wondered who would direct it, and I never guessed it would be someone with such a knack for hard-hitting realism".

    I'm pleased that Overstreet and Cinematical are so pleased about Hardwicke being wooed to direct. In my original blog on the script I noted that I didn't feel that excited about another traditional take on the nativity, but the excitement about Hardwicke gives me hope that we might get something more substantial.




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