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    Wednesday, July 26, 2017

    Chasing the Star Getting a September DVD Release

    Back in June I compiled what I thought was a comprehensive list of films based on the Nativity. Within days I'd come across two further movies to add to the list which I have now updated.

    The first was 2010's Io sono con te (literally "I am with you", but released in English speaking countries as Let it Be), which I reviewed earlier in the month.

    The other was Chasing the Star, slated for release in September this year. It's the second in a trilogy of New Testament films written by DJ Perry, the first being last year's 40 Nights. The release date seems a little early for a film based on the events of the first Christmas, but I guess there are two issues which may have nudged things in that direction.

    Firstly, there is the fact that Sony have already announced their plans for the release of a major animated Nativity film called The Star featuring the voices of Oprah Winfrey, Christopher Plummer, Ving Rhame, Kris Kristofferson and Tracy Morgan amongst others. That's due for release in November, so I imagine there producers have thought both that it's best to get their film out there first.

    Secondly, it's possible that the filmmakers are hoping that from a small initial release they will be able to build an audience based on word of mouth, If that strategy is going to come to pass then they will need it to have a few weeks/months build up so that it peaks during advent. Plus the publicity surrounding The Star is likely to boost discussion of films about the Nativity, which might also give a boost to their sales.

    I've posted the trailer above and it features prominently on the film's web site. There's a little bit about the film, it's brief theatrical release in three cities in Michigan here and the film's IMDb page is here.

    The trailer is not the least like you might expect. There are no tinklings of Christmas carols, indeed the music is not at all seasonal or cosy. No dissimilarly the trailer studious avoids the typical Nativity scene shots. There are no men on camels, virgins in blue robes or dazzling stars. Indeed there isn't even a shot of three magi together. Then, there's the dialogue which is kind of angsty. All of which, I think, is encouraging, suggesting that this will be a more interesting project that the typical faith-based Mary and Joseph movie.

    Hopefully I will get to review this one before the release of the DVD.

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