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    Friday, December 03, 2010

    The Albert Schweitzer Movie

    Not many historical Jesus scholars have had films made about them, in fact biblical scholars generally tend to live lives that offer little to Hollywood screen writers (though Raphael Golb may prove to be an exception). So I was surprised to find that last year there was a film made about Albert Schweitzer. True it seems to be about the period of his life after he wrote "The Quest for the Historical Jesus", but nevertheless I can't think of many others. I know one of the enemies in Star Trek was called the (Marcus?) Borg...

    Interestingly, it features a handful from Jesus films. Schweitzer is played by Jeroen Krabbé who played Satan in Jesus (1999), Barbara Hershey plays Schweitzer's wife here having, of course, played Jesus' wife (Mary Magdalene) in Last Temptation of Christ and then Samuel West played King Caspian in the BBC edition of Voyage of the Dawn Treader (not actually a Bible film, but topical so I'll toss it out there anyway).

    Has anyone seen it? It doesn't look like the greatest way to spend 114 minutes, particularly as his ground-breaking book is unlikely to feature. Still, will they be making films about Jim West in the years to come? I rather suspect not.


    • At 11:52 am, December 04, 2010, Blogger Rich Griese said…

      Comparing Jim West to... (new sentence) Albert Schweitzer.... That is pretty funny. I came across his blog, and it was complete nonsense. I did a little checking, and found that while he likes to call himself "Doctor", he did not get a degree from an accredited school even. Schweitzer on the other hand not only had a real Ph.D. but one from the most prestigious school in German, the University of Tübingen. In addition, Schweitzer had major impact in three areas 1) His Mozart Knowledge and work to restore organs in Germany so Mozart could be heard properly. 2) His _Life of Jesus_ book, which changed historical Jesus research forever, and 3) his Medical missionary work in Africa. The two people should probably never be mentioned in the same sentence.

      Cheers! RichGriese@gmail.com


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