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    Monday, July 05, 2010

    One More Bible Film Related to the British Museum

    Following on from last week's post Bible Films and The British Museum I managed to think of one more Bible film that had been influenced by artefacts such as we find in the British Museum. 1998's The Prince of Egypt contains a memorable sequence where Moses dreams about hieroglyphics coming alive to portray his childhood escape from death. It's true that the sequence could have been influenced by any display of hieroglyphics, or even just the knowledge of them that exists in the wider culture, but nevertheless...

    The trio went well by the way. In the end there were 7 of us including me, and whilst the New Testament items are less impressive that those from Assyria and Babylon, and we were flagging a bit by that part (not to mention being shut out of the crucial rooms just as we were closing in on a jar from Qumran), it was an enjoyable and successful trip.



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