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    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    More on Behold the Man

    Several years ago I passed on a query from a reader about a film that I thought was Behold the Man (also known as the Westminster Passion Play). I've not really found out much information about it since then, but yesterday I got an email passing on the following query from the Catholic Herald (about halfway down).
    A fruitless search

    From Miss E M Bellord

    SIR - Could I make a plea to your readers? I am trying to find a copy of a film which, I think, was made in 1950 called Behold the Man, directed by Walter Rilla. Apart from being shown in cinemas, it was for a number of years also shown on television at Easter. It was the first film on British screens to be allowed, by the exceptional permission of the Lord Chancellor, to show the face of Christ.

    My mother had the part of Our Lady, and my father, sister, brothers and I also had parts as extras. The part of Christ was played by a Catholic priest. My inquiries to a number of institutions which might have had the film, have been fruitless, hence my appeal to you. If any of your readers know where I could obtain a copy of the film I should be very grateful if they could contact me through your newspaper.

    Yours faithfully, E M Bellord London W2
    Coincidently, I think Miss Bellord's best hope is one of her fellow correspondents Father Peter Malone of SIGNIS author of "Movie Christs and Antichrists".

    If you have any further information you are probably best passing it on to the Catholic Herald, though I would also be interested to hear about it.


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