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    Tuesday, April 06, 2010

    A Few Reviews for Ben Hur

    I've been hoping for some sort of blog post about CBC's new miniseries Ben Hur from Peter Chattaway or Tyler Williams, but sadly nothing has been posted up yet. Furthermore, very few reviews seem to have been posted anywhere else either. The only newspaper reviews I managed to find (in an admittedly brief search) was a preview article from The Globe and the Mail and one from the St. Catherines Standard. Aside from that I could find only one mention of it on a blog from The Legion of Decency (Incidentally there's something decidedly ironic about how those last two reviews relate to the titles of their publication).

    In brief, 'The Globe' thinks it "comes across as a hoity-toity Brit drama", 'The Standard' found that lead actor Joseph Morgan looked "too much like Gavin Crawford of CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes" and found the overall programme to be "all right, but just all right", whereas 'The Legion of Decency' called it "crap" and "unwatchable drek". Perhaps not the reviews the filmmakers were hoping for. The Programme concludes this coming Sunday (11th April) on CBC at 8 p.m ET/PT.



    • At 6:49 pm, April 06, 2010, Blogger Peter T Chattaway said…

      For what it's worth, I haven't actually seen it yet. This is partly because I don't actually get TV, so I have to rely on friends to record shows for me on the very rare occasions when I want to see something that was made for television (as opposed to movie theatres or DVD). One friend of mine set his computer to record the show, but the power went out at his place over the weekend; another friend (yes, I asked multiple friends, just to be safe!) says he has videotaped the show for me (yes, on actual tape!), but it may take a few days for the tape to arrive in the mail. Another friend says he's scanning the torrent sites that follow the CBC, but so far nothing has turned up there, either.

    • At 9:38 pm, April 06, 2010, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Ah that explains it. Do CBC not have an iPlayer/4oD equivalent then for Canadian residents.


      PS FWIW I also get multiple friends to make recordings of key programmes, particularly with multi-parters. I have a number of discs with 3 out of the 4 parts of the BBC The Passion somewhere - tho' obviously I have a proper copy now.

    • At 10:11 pm, April 06, 2010, Blogger Peter T Chattaway said…

      CBC.ca does allow you to watch episodes of some of their homegrown shows, etc., but when I run a search for "ben-hur", all I get is the 30-second promo for last Sunday's episode.


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