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    Friday, August 07, 2009

    Guesting on Premier Radio

    I'm going to be a guest on Premier Christian Radio's Big Breakfast tomorrow (Sat. 8th August 2009). Apparently, I'm being interviewed off-and-on in between songs over hour or so. I'm mainly there to discuss Greenbelt and my forthcoming talk there, but I think we're also going to talk about Bible films as well. Following in my footsteps on the Sunday breakfast show is some guy called Gordon Brown. I imagine he'll be listening to my show to pick up a few tips.

    It doesn't appear that the show is archived, but you can listen live online or catch it on 1305, 1332, 1413 MW (this may just be Londoners), or on DAB, and it apparently is also available on the TV (Sky Digital 0123, Freeview 725). I've been told it starts at 8:15am (British Summer Time).



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