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    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Year One Opening Weekend: $20M

    Box Office Mojo is reporting that Year One made just under $20 million at the US Box office on it's opening weekend and around $1.5 million internationally (though it has still to open in many countries such as the UK). Here's a snippet from the Box Office Mojo report:
    Considering that audiences would have to be clubbed and dragged to similar movies of yore, Year One fared decently in its debut, plucking a $19.6 million debut on around 3,600 screens at 3,022 sites, though its status as a high profile summer release featuring Jack Black and Michael Cera would dampen its performance rating. Making more in a few hours than the combined totals of Being Human and Idiocracy, Year One's opening was better attended than The Love Guru and Meet the Spartans among recent titles and Wholly Moses and Caveman among older ones, though History of the World, Part I should ultimately remain the modern benchmark with the total gross equivalent of around $82 million adjusted for ticket price inflation. Year One's audience composition was 57 percent male and 47 percent under 21 years old, according to distributor Sony Pictures.



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