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    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Juliette Harrisson-Pop Classics Blog

    I could have sworn that I posted this before I went on hiatus, but apprently not. Anyway, Juliette Harrisson - a PhD student from just down the road in Birmingham - has started a new blog called Pop Classics. You'd be forgiven for thinking Juliette's topic is songs from the 60s or 70s, but thankfully not. Instead she's writing about places where classical history appears in popular culture, particularly, it seems, in film and TV. Obviously this means her topic is a little broader than mine, but it's probably still the closest to mine in subject area, at least of all those I've come across thus far. It's nice to have some company. There's already a post on Life of Brian (my posts on this film), and whilst I've read a lot of comments on this film, this is the first time I've heard anyone correct them on their Latin (OK, now I am sure I have written this before! I wonder what happened?) I've added Pop Classics to my blogroll in the right hand menu.

    I've also added a link to Henry Nguyen's Punctuated Life blog. It's fairly new and does sometimes contain Jesus film related possts (e.g. The Miracle Maker on Hulu).



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