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    Wednesday, April 08, 2009

    Jesus Flickfest 4 Starts Today

    Jesus Flickfest 4 starts today in Winnipeg, and a few more details are available online. The Jesus Flickfest blog has, rather aptly, been resurrected, and now contains a full schedule. Alternatively you can download a brochure and a poster. There's also links to a handful of trailers.

    The festival kicks off tonight at 6pm local time with Cotton Patch Gospel, just one of the films on display that I have yet to see. It's be great to hear some reflections on the event from those who are able to attend, so feel free to post them up.


    • At 9:31 pm, April 09, 2009, Blogger shallowfrozenwater said…

      i've been a Jesus Flickfest attendee since it's inception although the first year all i got to see was "Life of Brian" since i only found out about it on the last night of the Fest.
      i went to Bob Dylan - The Jesus Years last night and it took some slugging to make it through the first hour but it was worth it in the end.

    • At 9:47 pm, April 12, 2009, Anonymous bill said…

      Hi Matt
      survived another round... some of the big hits this year were Peter and Paul, the Last Inquiry, Ferrara's Mary and, of course, Son of Man. Viewers not so hot on Dylan flick. Mary, Mother of Jesus popular with mums. Good fedback too on Rossellini's Il Messia.
      Folk were enthusiastic - which is great. Now, a wee bit of rest would be good....

    • At 4:34 am, April 13, 2009, Blogger Unknown said…

      Have seen "Son of Man" for the 2nd time. Even more powerful than the 1st viewing.

    • At 10:54 am, April 14, 2009, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Thanks everyone. Glad to hear you all enjoyed yourselves.



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