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    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    Kingdom Coming or Going?

    Not quite sure what to make of the various bits of news coming out of New Zealand about Kingdom Come. On Saturday the Timaru Herald noted that accommodation booked for the film had, once again, been cancelled, and took that as evidence that the "pin may have been pulled on the movie". However, yesterday the Dominion Post quoted Ernie Malik, a spokesman for the film, as clarifying that despite some financial difficulties the film is still being made.

    I've also had this confirmed (or at least repeated) by some of the comments on my original post about this film, which also mention that Catholic Mexican actor Eduardo Verástegui (pictured above) is lined up to play Peter. That information has also been posted at Wikipedia citing his official website, but I certainly can't see anything there to support such a claim.

    The Dominion Post article says that filming is now due to start in April, so hopefully we will have some more concrete information by then.



    • At 3:13 am, February 26, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I will pray for this film. Im so excited about Eduardo Verástegui! I truly appreciate everything he is doing in his life and career. He is my inspiration!

      Cant wait to here more about the film. Thanks for the updates Matt.


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