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    Thursday, February 05, 2009

    Facets: Jesus Christ Movie Star

    I stumbled across this on the blog of film distributors Facets the other day: Jesus Christ, Movie Star. No real surprises on the list, and the odd inaccuracy, but I did enjoy this comment on The Greatest Story Ever Told
    One of Hollywood's most humongous productions offers the best and worst of the epic production and is a must-see precisely because of that. Max von Sydow's performance as Christ is superb--perhaps the best ever done for the screen--and the film's slow pace and solemn nature can really work for the patient viewer.
    I'll be adding this to my list of Jesus film surveys (right hand sidebar) shortly.

    The article also links to a list of biblical / religious films for purchase - 78 in all, which may be of interest to some.



    • At 11:05 pm, February 12, 2009, Blogger Facets Multi-Media said…

      Hi Matt.
      Thanks for linking to our list of depictions of Christ in cinema. I'm curious, though--what is the odd inaccuracy mentioned. The piece was posted over a year ago, so I can't quite remember it off hand. Any errors will be changed and gladly attributed!

      Again, many thanks. I look forward to checking out your blog, too. It looks fascinating.

      Take care.

      Phil Morehart
      Facets Multi-Media

    • At 11:23 am, February 13, 2009, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for popping by, and for your excellent company. I have several of your rare films such as Golem, the Spirit of Exile which I wrote about at some point last year.

      I'm always torn with stuff like this between looking like a pedantic arse and looking like I don't know my stuff as well as I do. And as I AM a pedantic arse...

      Anyway, they were

      King of Kings (1927) is properly called "The King of Kings", which is useful in distinguishing it from the 1961 film which was just called "King of Kings". It was also not DeMille's first biblical epic - he did his initial version of The Ten Commandments in 1923.

      Jesus of Nazareth was made in 1977 rather than 1970. Also Jesus is usually dated as 1999 as it played in Italy that year. Alternatively, if you are going by US release dates then Pasolini's film didn't make it to the States until 1966 (I believe).

      Hope that's more helpful than annoying, and thanks for an interesting article.



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