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    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Spanish Jesus Film Pages

    A while back I mentioned that the Jesus Films module I wrote for rejesus had been translated into Suomi (Finnish). Recently I was trawling through the web and I came across two websites about Jesus films written in Spanish. Enrique Martinez-Sanchez Salanova's article (pictured) contains a good number of images, with a few that are quite rare. There's a general introduction, a quick look at some of the Jesus Cameo films, a closer inspection of Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo and Last Temptation of Christ which leads into a few comments on some of the more controversial entries in the genre. Finally there's a table giving details of about 80 films. (English Translation). One of the interesting things this article says is that any scenes featuring Jesus were cut from the UK version of Golgotha.

    The other site is by Paul Martin and Dario Lavié Ceron and translates as "A tour through the filmography of the Nazarene in over a century of the history of cinema". It's a little shorter again with a good length introductory article and a run down of around 50 films.(English translation)


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