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    Monday, September 08, 2008

    El Cant Dels Ocells (Birdsong) Playing this Week at TIFF

    Back in June I mentioned a new film on the three wise men El Cant Dels Ocells (Birdsong) by Albert Serra. As I'm currently writing a piece on Nativity Films for the Winter edition of The Reader I thought I'd check to see if there is any news on it getting a general release in the run up to Christmas. Whilst there doesn't seem to be any news on that, it does appear that Birdsong will be playing this week at the Toronto International Film Festival as follows:
    Tuesday September 9th 5:00pm AMC 5
    Wednesday September 10 8:30pm Varsity 5
    Friday September 12 5:00pm AMC 4
    It turns out that the film will also be playing at the Vancouver International Film Festival where they will also be showing Waiting for Sancho - Mark Peranson's documentary about the making of the film. The VIFF dates are as follows:
    Birdsong - Oct. 5th at 6:40pm - Empire Granville 7 Theatre 3
    Waiting for Sancho - October 6th 7:00pm - Vancity Theatre
    Birdsong - Oct. 7th at 1:15pm - Vancity Theatre.
    Waiting for Sancho - October 7th at 3:45pm - Vancity Theatre
    I'm looking to hear the reports of Vancouverites and fellow Bible film fans Peter Chattaway and Ron Reed in due course.

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