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    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    More on a New David Film

    Early last month I linked to news that J. Michael Straczynski was writing a film about David. Peter Chattaway thinks he has heard about this film from another source, producer Ralph Winter. Winter is interviewed by Infuze Magazine and drops in this little piece of information
    I've read a couple of scripts lately based on Old Testament stories. One of them is about David, and his rise from a shepherd to becoming the anointed king. And it's gritty. It's brutal. It's reflective of the time. And it's not written by a Christian. But it's a compelling story, and that's the kind of movie I want to make!
    As Peter notes, that sounds very similar to Straczynski's script, the safe bet would be that this is the same film.

    Certainly I'm encouraged by these two soundbites. The story of David is grizzly, and the biblical writers almost seems to revel in the little details here and there like Philistine foreskins and people getting caught by their hair in trees and so on.

    Winter also makes some comments about The Nativity:
    ...it's a straight-ahead retelling of the story, and there's a lack of mystery to it. I think they toned down some of the violence, afraid that some Christians would be turned off by it...Ultimately, it's just not transcendent enough to inspire me. My wife liked it more than I did. And I hope to see it again, so maybe I'll feel differently. It's got all the right production values, but it doesn't have that mysterious missing element that takes it to another level.

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