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    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Template Changes

    I've made a number of small-ish changes to my layout today. Firstly I've added some extra links to he header. In addition to the indexed and linked lists of Old Testament films, Jesus films and other New Testament Films, I've also added a book index (which is link-less at the moment), and my citation policy for my Jesus film scene guides.

    I've also put links there for my "Jesus in Film" course notes, and my 30 Film Jesus Scene Guide Spreadsheet.

    Elsewhere, I've changed some of the links in the sidebars. Most importantly, I've added a list of links to various sites about forthcoming bible movies. I've also added links to a few more things I've written elsewhere, and tweaked a couple of links in my blogroll. In particular, Ron Reed has now moved his Soul Food Movies, and, even better, has started posting regularly. I'm really pleased about this. Ron is a good friend, and a brilliant writer. I've not had much time to peruse his content, but I intend to spend some time there in the very near future.

    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. The header links looked a little denser than I'd like, and I've probably messed up some of the links in the middle of all this too!


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