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    Friday, February 03, 2006

    Los Angeles Times review of Son of Man

    Peter Chattaway has posted a review of Mark Dornford-May's Son of Man by John Horn of the Los Angeles Times. Since you can read it at either of those sites I won't post it in full, but I do like what he says here
    At every narrative turn, Dornford-May said he tried to keep focused on interpreting the Gospels as not only a spiritual story but also a political one, "with a message of humanity and equality. That is something I believe quite passionately in," said the director, who was raised Methodist and remains a regular churchgoer. "I find it amazing that the church spends any time debating whether gay people should be priests when people are dying of hunger and sick people can't get medicine."

    Dornford-May said he wrestled with how to depict the New Testament's miracles, which include Jesus raising the dead and healing the sick. The solution was to show them as recorded by a video camera carried by Judas, so that the audience is forced to look at Jesus through the eyes of his betrayer.
    That's a fascinating use of creative camera work to look at the story from a new perspective. It's also one of the advantages of setting the story in a modern context - you couldn't do that in a 1st century context!.




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