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    Friday, June 30, 2023

    Movies from the Mountaintop
    The other book I was published in from 2022

    Movies from the Mountaintop: 100+ Films that Express God, Explore Faith and Enlighten Church

    Edited by Cody Benjamin

    Published: 22 May 2022
    Language : ‎ English
    Paperback: ‎ 445 pages
    ISBN: ‎ 979-8808551541

    I've been so busy promoting my own book ("100 Bible Films") over the last 12-15 months that I've not had time to mention that another book I worked on also got published last year. "Movies from the Mountaintop: 100+ Films that Express God, Explore Faith and Enlighten Church" is a collection of essays and reviews from a range of authors, but principally editor Cody Benjamin.

    I sensed when Cody asked me to contribute that all the other writers were Christian, but I was pleased to be involved. There is some material that I often discuss which is perhaps most relevant to believers which therefore didn't really seem to fit with"100 Bible Films". So this book gave me a chance to get that published as well. Essentially it's about how watching a range of different Jesus films gives us the chance to view Jesus from perspectives other than our own, which can challenge our perceptions and biases.

    I would estimate that Cody has written roughly half of the book, but there are contributions from another 20-25 authors as well as a 40+ pages of Q&A with other figures including movie stars Mark Wahlberg and Rob Lowe, and writers Brett McCracken and Robert K. Johnston. The final section adds "22 other films to consider". [Given there are 43 named in the contents page then I infer from the title that another 35 get passing mentions].

    I've not yet had time to read the rest of the book, but if you're interested you can order a copy on Kindle or paperback from Amazon UK | Amazon US.