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    Monday, January 22, 2018

    Highest visited posts of 2017

    In the real world I'm a bit of a stats geek so I thought some others might also be interested in seeing which of my posts of the last 12 months have been the most visited. as you can see from the graph above one post - my review of The Star was the run away winner, but the top fifteen new posts from 2017 are as follows:

    1. The Star (2017) [323 views]
    2. The Gospel of Mark (2016) [172 views]
    3. La Vie de Jesus (1997) [154 views]
    4. How The Passion of the Christ Wrong-footed Hollywood [114 views]
    5. Using Ewan:Star Power in Last Days in the Desert [113 views]
    6. Joseph and Mary (2016) [108 views]
    7. Chasing the Star (2017) [106 views]
    8. Paul, Apostle of Christ set for 2018 release. [86 views]
    9. Le Fils de Joseph (2016)(The Son of Joseph) [82 views]
    10.The Resurrection on FilmPart 2 - Mark's Gospel [73 views]
    11.The Characteristics of the Biblical Epic: Part 1 - What the Experts Say [72 views]
    12.The Resurrection on FilmPart 1 - Matthew's Gospel [71 views]
    13.La Sacra Famiglia (2006)The Holy Family: Jesu, Mary and Joseph [71 views]
    14.Nativity Films Revisited [67 views]
    15.Last Days of Jesus (2017) [59 views]

    Not a great deal of activity really, and even where posts are popular it's rarely the posts that I've worked on the hardest that prove popular, even within a small niche within which this blog operates. But I suppose the good news is that occasionally one of my posts remains popular year after year. So here are the 11 posts which have registered over 1000 views in their lifetime, and some of these are fairly good I guess (though I'm a little disappointed in what my top visited post ever is, but still) :

    1. The Corpus Christi Film is a Hoax [29511 views]
    2. Full List of Adam and Eve Films [5784 views]
    3. The Christ Figure of Cool Hand Luke [3543 views]
    4. Dayasagar/Karunamayudu (1978) [3092 views]
    5. Finding Adam and Eve Films [2200 views]
    6. The Seventh Sign (1988) [2029 views]
    7. Top Ten Jesus Films [1963 views]
    8. Visual Bible's Gospel of Mark [1663 views]
    9. Ten Commandments (2006) - A review [1380 views]
    10. Films About Esther [1265 views]
    11. Godspell (1973) Scene Guide [1045 views]


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