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    Monday, January 14, 2013

    Official Trailer for The Bible

    The History Channel is airing a 10-part series this March called The Bible and the official trailer went online last week. Various snippets have been emerging over the last few weeks, and you can catch them all via Mark Goodacre's NT Blog. Mark is one of the consultants on the project, but seems genuinely enthusiastic about it.

    Just a few comments from me at this stage. Firstly, judging by the available material so far this will give a grand sweep of the Bible including some stories that have almost never been covered. In addition to traditional favourites such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus, it seems that the books of both Joshua and Daniel will also feature. That said, it's difficult to know to what extent. Will each of the 10 episodes deal with a different story? Or will they just be fairly nominal dividers in one seamless narrative. If it's the latter then it's possible that Daniel and Joshua role is fairly small, even if the more exciting and recognisable aspects of the story help a trailer to grab maximum impact.

    Secondly, one of the videos Mark links to contains several scenes from the Passion, and, as I mentioned there, they seem as if they are almost a shot for shot remake of those moments from The Passion of the Christ. If I had more time I'd probably do a shot for shot comparison, but I think the point is clear enough.

    The opening episode starts in the US on March 3rd and whilst I've not yet heard whether it will be screening in the UK or anywhere else, a DVD release is promised shortly afterwards.


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