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    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    Through the Bible with Film

    I've been thinking for a while about whether to do anything Bible-filmy to mark the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Version of the Bible seeing as there is quite a focus on promoting the Bible this year both in my own church and further afield. I think I'm going to host a series of film screenings working through the Bible. Ideally I'd like to get a nice mix. Rather than doing 9 biblical epics I'd like to mix styles, genres, countries of origin and so on. I'd also like them not to be too long (well under 3 hours where possible).

    So I'm starting to form a list, which I thought I would share, partly as it might encourage some people to post their own lists/suggestions, and partly just because it makes the list-in-progress easier to find next time I want to look at it. I'm looking at about 6-10 films and so far this is my list:
    Early Genesis - The Real Old Testament
    Later Genesis - La Genèse
    Exodus - Prince of Egypt
    (Joshua/Judges - Samson and Delilah [DeMille])
    Samuel/Kings - David and Bathsheba
    Exile - Jeremiah
    (Post-Exile - Esther [Gitai])
    (Wisdom/Poetry - Solomon [Young])
    Jesus - The Miracle Maker
    Acts - Peter and Paul
    That's between seven and ten depending on how many of those in brackets I do. I'm also slightly concerned that showing two films based on Genesis and only one about Jesus might be a bit imbalanced, but then again there's very little overlap between the two. Perhaps I should do one Jesus film that fits the Synoptics (Miracle Maker still) and something else that reflects John a bit more. Perhaps the two hour version of The Gospel of John might fit the bill. Now all I need to do is to figure out where to host it...

    Does anyone else want to share their ideas?

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    • At 4:14 am, January 26, 2011, Blogger Tom said…

      Great selections!

    • At 6:45 pm, February 01, 2011, Blogger David said…

      Thanks! A big surprise tied into the 400th anniversary of the 1611 King James Version Bible:

      Two scholars have compiled the first worldwide census of extant copies of the original first printing of the 1611 King James Version (sometimes referred to as the "He" Bible). For decades, authorities from the British Museum, et al., have estimated that “around 50 copies” of that first printing still exist. The real number, however, is quite different!

      For more information, you're invited to contact Donald L. Brake, Sr., PhD, at dbrake1611@q.com or his associate David Sanford at drsanford@earthlink.net. You’re also invited to visit the www.credocommunications.net/kjv website.


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