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    Tuesday, November 02, 2010

    Alexandr Dovzhenko in Cambridge

    A while ago I mentioned in passing my brother Geoff Page. On top of writing musicals (such as one on Burke and Hare which played at the Edinburgh Festival a year or two back long before the current film version) he also occasionally accompanies silent films.

    This Friday Geoff is providing a live accompaniment to two Alexandr Dovzhenko films in Cambridge (UK). I'm trying to see if I can get there, but the 7pm start will make it a bit tricky. The films he'll be playing along to are 1926's Yagodka Lyubvi (Love's Berry) and the following year's Sumka Dipkuryera (The Diplomatic Pouch). Together they last about 75 minutes in total.

    The films will be showing at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse which rather disappointingly has an extensive write up for it's screenings of Peppa Pig but no information on these rare films. There is however a promo video which contains some footage, as well as a facebook event page.

    Incidentally, Geoff and I have talked about doing a silent Bible film event together - him doing the playing and me doing the talking, so if anyone would be interested in putting something like that on, please let me know.


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