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    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Testament: The Bible in Animation Finally Comes to DVD

    Over the years I've made various posts about the short series of Hebrew Bible films Testament: The Bible in Animation. Whilst these short films have been available on Region 1 DVD for a while, potential purchases have had to buy them individually, putting pressure on shelves as well as pockets.

    So I was really pleased to discover that the Bible Society has now made them all available on a 2 DVD box set. I can't seem to find out whether the set is region 2 or region 0, but hopefully I'll find that out fairly soon. The Bible Society never do these things by halves, so in addition to the nine films, there are also resource packs to download for teachers and church groups. The DVDs have subtitles, but seemingly no other extras.

    The 9 titles are as follows (with links to my reviews)
    * Episode 1: Creation and Flood (25 mins)
    * Episode 2: Abraham (25 mins) - pictured
    * Episode 3: Moses (27 mins)
    * Episode 4: Jonah (26 mins)
    * Episode 5: Ruth (25 mins)
    * Episode 6: Elijah (27 mins)
    * Episode 7: Joseph (26 mins)
    * Episode 8: David and Saul (27 mins)
    * Episode 9: Daniel (24 mins)
    For those not familiar with the series, it was made by the same team who went on to create The Miracle Maker, and like that film they use a variety of different animated techniques across the series - although they stick to one technique per episode. Whilst the films certainly are suitable for children, they have a fairly grown up take on things - don't think for a minute that they are just for the kids - and the animated medium used is itself often very expressionistic.

    Like any series some are better than others, though that's due in part to individual preferences about animation styles, but overall this is a great series,with certain instalments offering the best film interpretation yet of their particular story.

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