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    Thursday, May 06, 2010

    Comedy Central Developing JC

    Just picked this up from Arts and Faith. According to Deadline.com, Comedy Central have an animated comedy called JC marked as "scripted programme in development". Here's the blurb:
    JC - Half-hour animated show about JC (Jesus Christ) wanting to escape his father's enormous shadow and to live life in NYC as a regular guy. Executive produced by Reveille, Henrik Basin, Brian Boyle, Jonathan Sjoberg and Andreas Ohman.
    Given the recent pulling of an episode of South Park (pictured) that featured a Muhammed character, it will be interesting to see where they find the comedy in their premise. In a way it sounds not dis-similar to Hal Hartley's excellent Book of Life.

    Thanks to Jeffrey Overstreet for posting that one.


    • At 10:19 am, May 27, 2010, Anonymous Stephen Dooling said…

      Hahahah. I don't know guys where did you get your guts making funny and brilliant movie about JC. I'm gonna watch out for that but for now look at Greek theater for Get Him to the Greek. Hilarious movie of Russell Brand, Jonah Hill and P.Diddy...


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