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    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    Whatever Happened to Ben Hur?

    I've made various posts about the supposedly forthcoming mini-series remake of Ben Hur. Actually I've been meaning to post about it for quite a long time now, given that it was meant to be showing in various countries this Easter. In fact, Mark Pedro, Thomas Langkau and CGArtist have all been sending me a few updates on the production as April 4th got closer. But suddenly it seems to have disappeared. Both Mark and Thomas told me that they searched for it in their Easter TV magazines, but it appears that neither country will be showing it. This is strange as even as late as March 23rd there was a press release going round about its premiere on Canada's CBC. But I've checked the TV schedules for CBC (as well as the US's ABC and Spain's Antenna 3 who were also meant to be showing it) and none of them have any information on it. It is mentioned on this page on CBC, but there's no further info and it's not on the main schedule page. Furthermore, the trailer has been removed from YouTube, apparently "by the user" (though you can still view it here).

    So it looks like it won't be shown this Easter, which, given that even if it's not actually finished by now it must be very close, does rather make me wonder when it will be shown. Christmas? Easter 2011? Or will it be relegated to a straight to DVD release?

    Edit: One of the commenters below has seen the series and confirms that CBC are showing it this Easter


    • At 6:48 pm, March 30, 2010, Blogger Raspberry Rabbit said…

      Says here:


      that you Canadians will be seeing it on Easter Sunday at 8 pm (pt 1) and the following Sunday (pt 2)

    • At 6:50 pm, March 30, 2010, Blogger Raspberry Rabbit said…

      and the CBC schedule concurs


    • At 4:05 pm, March 31, 2010, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Well the 2nd link is one that I linked to in the post, but it does seem to contrast with the main schedule.

      No idea about the Crave Online piece. On the one hand it's fairly recent, but on the other it doesn't say much that couldn't have been written 6 months ago (except the broadcast date, which could have been picked up from the press release I linked to). Is Crave Online a credible source? I've never heard of it before FWIW.

      Either way, Canada would appear to be the only place that is showing it, at least that I've come across which, given that this was a multi-national project makes me sceptical about its chances in Canada for this Easter.

    • At 6:13 pm, March 31, 2010, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Sorry I temporarily forgot my manners. Thanks for your posts Raspberry Rabbit and welcome. If you find out any more about this, do please let me know.


    • At 5:42 am, April 01, 2010, Anonymous Harrisson said…

      I just returned from a theatrical screening of the entire miniseries, which was organized by the Canadian co-producers. It's really good. Seriously!

      The general chatter was that ABC will be airing it around Christmastime this year, but it will definitely be airing on CBC this Easter Sunday, with part 2 airing one week later on the 11th.

    • At 9:10 am, April 01, 2010, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Well I take it all back! Thanks for that Harrisson. Much appreciated.



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