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    Tuesday, February 09, 2010

    Year One Voted 43rd Worst Movie of All Time

    Empire Magazine has just released it's list of the 50 Worst Movies Ever Made and in their at number 43 is Biblical comedy Year One. Whilst I'm pleased to say that I've only seen 4 of the films on the list (the others being Superman IV, Raise the Titanic and Matrix Revolutions) it does seem pretty harsh on Year One, which gave me a few good laughs. I can think of plenty of worse films.

    Still it's often said in relation to best of lists that time changes how well films are perceived, with the flaws in films which were hugely popular/praised at the time becoming gradually more apparent. I'm not sure how this works in this case? Does it mean that Year One will ascend into mediocrity as time goes by or that it may well get to slide up the list to whole new levels of perceived awfulness?



    • At 5:55 pm, February 10, 2010, Blogger Juliette said…

      Intriguing question... maybe it depends on the ratio of actual viewings to reputation? Maybe some films' reputations get worse and worse over time because no one actually watches them any more, people just repeat the opinions of others or base their opinion on short clips, while other films' reputations improve as people watch them again, perhaps with greater understanding in hidsight, perhaps with lowered expectations, and find that they're not so bad after all?


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