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    Tuesday, January 05, 2010

    El Discipulo - Jesus as a Zealot

    Many thanks to George for not only tipping me off about this one, but also sending me a reminder.

    El Discípulo (The Disciple) is a new Jesus film from Spanish film director (and founder of Ircania Productions) Emilio Ruiz Barrachina which will portray Jesus as a zealot. The project debuted at the Malaga Film Festival last April. Antonio Piñero, Professor of New Testament Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid has acted as one of the film's consultants and Joel West is playing Jesus.

    The film's website includes the following synopsis:
    In his childhood Jesus witnesses the death of his father Joseph in a confrontation with Romans military troups. Years later, he becomes the favorite disciple of John the baptist, leader of a group of Macabee that anounces the arrival of the kingdom of heaven, in which the Romans would be expelled.

    When John the baptist is beheaded, Jesus reorganizes the group in order to assault Jerusalem's temple. Following the same facts depicted in the gospels, they will be portrayed in a very different way. This project is based upon the latest studies and will set the story in a feaseble historic context.
    Like many Jesus films, Barrachina wanted to portray Jesus from a historical perspective, but he apparently leaves aside the religious dimension of his life depicting Jesus as part of the zealot movement.

    The website also includes a list of cast and crew, a selection of movie stills, details of an accompanying documentary Jesus 2.0. There's also a "research line refined by remarkable experts" which gives an extended introduction to the film and claims that more than 300 experts since 1768 have supported such an idea.



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