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    Tuesday, January 05, 2010

    Babel Blog on Satan

    Alexander de la Paz of Babel Blog has a piece discussing Satan on Film. It's a subject I covered back in 2003, but it's noticeable that we discuss very different films. One of the things that is interesting about the portrayal of Satan in film is that as well as cropping up in numerous Jesus films (as well as one or two other Bible films), he also pops up in films in which we would never expect to find Jesus, or any other biblical character for that matter.

    Alexander looks at Faust, The Seventh Seal, Simon of the Desert, The Omen, Devil's Advocate, Bedazzled (the remake) and The Passion of the Christ. Speaking of Bedazzled one of my favourite depictions of Satan is from the original film starring Dudley Moore and Peter Cook as Lucifer as depicted above.

    Thanks to The Dunedin School for the tip off.



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