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    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    Anno Domini XXXIII (2008):
    The Maltese Jesus Film

    Many thanks to Thomas Langkau for letting me know about this. Back in 2008, at the same time as the BBC were airing their version of The Passion a team from Melvin Studios in Malta were crafting their version of the greatest story ever told.

    Anno Domini XXXIII is a "wholly Maltese production" with a cast of over 400 according to The Times of Malta (see also here).

    The film was written by Renzo Bonello who also directed the film (along with Melvin Schembri and Christopher Cassarby). Rennie Schembri plays the lead role in a cast also featuring Mario Camilleri, Maria Cassar Inguanez, Jolene Micallef and Jonathan McCay. Bonello and Schembri are quoted at length in the Times of Malta article.

    The film's biggest expense however was the soundtrack. Ray Sciberras's score was performed by the 66 piece Bulgarian Philharmonic Orchestra and a 40-strong choir.

    There's a trailer for the film on YouTube and a further article at di-ve.com.


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