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    Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    A New One to Me: ...And God Spoke

    I got a message from someone called John asking if I had seen The Making of '...And God Spoke' as he'd just found out it existed and couldn't find any mention of it on my blog.

    Alas I must admit that I'd not even heard of it until John's email. From what I can make out, the actual title of the film is simply ...And God Spoke, and it's a mockumentary about the making of a Bible film. I assume the "Making of" bit is a mistake by IMDb, perhaps because there is an extra fature on the DVD or something that has this name. I's easy to see where the confusion might set in as the film itself is about the making of another (fictional) film. If I'm right then that means that The Making of '...And God Spoke' is a film about the making of a film about the making of a film. Then again that could be the real title and this might be an odd Being John Malkovich affair.

    Either way I'll know soon enough. I've just ordered a copy from Amazon - though only region 1 is available. Here's the plot summary from IMDb:
    A documentary on the making of a big budget Bible picture. This is a spoof that shows the inside action on a film set where everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong.
    There are various comments/reviews at IMDb where it scores and Rotten Tomatoes where it's 100% fresh. The review by the most well known reviewer - to me at least - is that from DVD Verdict.


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