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    Thursday, May 07, 2009

    Coming Soon on Year One

    Peter Chattaway has links to two on-set reports about Year One. Cinematical's article includes a couple of quotes from Michael Cera which, as with the whole piece, suggest that the filmmakers have pulled out all the stops with this one. A second Cinematical article is due out shortly.

    Meanwhile, a similar length article is up at ComingSoon.net, but it is accompanied by interviews with the following members of cast and crew:
    Director Harold Ramis
    Jack Black (Zed)
    Michael Cera (Oh)
    David Cross (Cain)
    Oliver Platt (The High Priest)
    It seems David Cross's role will go far beyond that of the biblical Cain. i'm not sure what to make of his claim that Life of Brian "didn't really make much of a comment as much as this has". Anyway, there's plenty of reading material there for anyone who is interested, and I guess release of this film is now only 6 or so weeks away.

    Edit: And now Peter has linked to the international trailer which features a glimpse of Abraham and Isaac.

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