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    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    Last Temptation of Hulu

    Anyone who is interested in Bible films, lives in the US and wants to see, but doesn't want to buy, Last Temptation of Christ, will be pleased to know that you can now see it for free at hulu.com. That excludes me on at least two counts, but in any case, I'd urge anyone who wants to see it to catch the Criterion Collection DVD instead. But thanks to Jeffrey Overstreet for the tip off.


    • At 10:47 pm, August 19, 2010, Anonymous Jake said…

      I don't remember if i viewed this on Hulu or not but it got deleted!

      I was mad!

      But The Criterion Collection version of the DVD is so expensive.

      On Ebay, I found some for $8.99, $12.95, $13.95, and a Hollywood Video version for $15.00, which were the only cheapest ones they had. Plus I found a Blockbuster version for $19.95, which is less expensive though, but I'd say looks cheap, though, if you want to check it out.

      There was a whole stock of it for $26.99 on Ebay, too, which was a lot. I noticed that one of them was sold to someone from the stock of that price. I thought, ''Did that sale end, or did someone put enough money in his or her account to buy it?'' That was brief for me.

      Plus, I found one for $65.93! I thought, ''Holy smokes! That's A LOT OF MONEY!!!

      But the VHS is kind of cheap, though.

      On Ebay, there's one for $2.77, one for $5.00, $7.00, and an expensive one for $13.24.

      So, yeah, the VHS is is not that bad, though the film itself is controversial.

      You should check either the VHS or the DVD out on Ebay, if you want, because some of the items of the VHS are cheap. So, for those who like this film, you should take a look online the Ebay website for the VHS or Criterion DVD. See for yourself!

    • At 8:51 am, August 20, 2010, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Thanks Jake,

      I think I got mine on Amazon Marketplace 2nd hand - about $13 at present for the criterion DVD.

    • At 1:01 am, February 07, 2011, Anonymous Jake said…

      Here's a youtube link of this film online if you want to see it.



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