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    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    Kings Moved to Summer

    After disappointing reviews, and bad viewing figures. NBC's Kings has been taken off air until the summer (Hollywood Reporter). The first sign that the sci-fi series was under pressure was when it got switched from Sunday night to Saturday. Now it's been taken off air altogether to make way for Law and Order re-runs, with the intention of it resurfacing on June 13th and running until 25th July.

    The concept was always going to be a difficult sell, particularly for a whole series rather than simply as a one off. And the strain of trying to make credible, audience-pleasing drama whilst simultaneously trying to allegorise obvious took it's toll. Either that or they really should have sent me a screener.

    For me, the sad thing about all of this is that now I may never get to see it. If it's been pulled quite so quickly, then there's a good chance it'll never get released on DVD. Thanks to BethR for breaking the bad news.



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