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    Friday, April 17, 2009

    Jeremiah - Scene Guide

    I've been working away on a scene guide for the Bible Collection's Jeremiah ever since I re-watched it a couple of months ago. Of all the scene guides that I have done to date, this has certainly been the most difficult to put together. Not only is Jeremiah the Bible's longest book (based on number of words), but it's chronology becomes increasingly unlinear the closer you look. Furthermore, an odd verse can carry a great deal of narrative weight, but trying to find it, even with the wonders of the internet, can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    As well as my guide that follows below, I would also like to recommend an excellent outline of this film by Neil MacQueen. MacQueen's outline gives timings and descriptions rather than verses like my own, so the two complement each other quite well.
    Book of the Law Found - (2 Kings 22)
    Jeremiah's ancestry - (Jer 1:1)
    Josiah's Passover - (2 Kings 23:21-23)
    [Extra-Biblical Episode - Josiah enters Jerusalem]
    Call of Jeremiah - (Jer 1:4-10)
    [Extra-Biblical Episode - Nebuchadnezzar crowned]
    [Extra-Biblical Episode - Jeremiah's Girlfriend]
    Prophecy of the Almond Tree - (Jer 1:11-12)
    [Extra-Biblical Episode - Jeremiah's first sacrifice]
    Prophetic vision/2nd call - (Jer 4:22; 5:28-29, 14)
    Jeremiah prophesies at the temple - (Jer 7:1-11)
    Jeremiah beaten - (Jer 20:1-2)
    Overturned pot - (Jer 1:13-19)
    Jeremiah told not to take a wife - (Jer 16:1-4) (complains)
    [Extra-Biblical Episode - Jeremiah meets Baruch]
    Prophecy about fall of Jerusalem - (Jer 22:1-5)
    King tears and burns the scroll. - (Jer 36:1–24)
    Jermiah asks Baruch to re-write scroll - (Jer 36:28)
    Babylon invades Jerusalem - (2 Kings 24:1-12)
    Temple stripping & deportation - (2 Kings 24:13-17, Jer 27:19-20)
    Jeremiah the ox-yoke and Hananiah - (Jer 27:1-28:17)
    Jeremiah imprisoned in courtyard - (Jer 32:1-3; 36:31)
    Jeremiah calls for surrender - (Jer 21:1-9)
    Mattaniah frees the slaves - (Jer 34:8-10)
    Jeremiah put in prison - (Jer 37:11–16)
    Mattaniah unfrees the slaves - (Jer 34:11)
    [Extra-Biblical Episode - Judith killed]
    Jeremiah's complaint - (Jer 20:7-9)
    Jerusalem under siege - (Jer 52:1-6)
    Mattaniah seeks God's word - (Jer 37:17-20)
    Word against Jerusalem - (Jer 21:10)
    Officials speak against Jeremiah - (Jer 38:4-5)
    Promise of Return - (Jer 32:37-40)
    Jeremiah calls again for surrender - (Jer 20:4, 38:17-20)
    Jeremiah thrown in a cistern - (Jer 38:6)
    Ebed Melech frees Jeremiah - (Jer 38:7:13; 39:15-18*)
    Jeremiah confronts Mattaniah - (Jer 23:1-2, 38:17-21)
    Jeremiah buys a field - (Jer 32:6-15)
    Babylon capture Jerusalem - (Jer 39:1-3, 52:6-7)
    Mattaniah captured fleeing - (Jer 39:4-5, 52:7-9)
    Mattaniah's sons killed, blinded - (Jer 39:5-7, 52:10-11)
    Jeremiah freed - (Jer 39:11-12)
    Jerusalem destroyed - (Jer 39:8-10)
    God promises to rebuild the temple and the people's hearts - (Jer 31)
    I've chosed to call Jeremiah's primary royal opponent by his original name Mattaniah, rather than the name Zedekiah which was given to him by Nebuchadnezzar as this is what the film calls him throughout. Interestingly scripture mainly calls him Zedekiah.

    I have a few more points that I'd like to make on this, but I'm pressed for time at the moment so I'll return to this task next week.

    Edit: This can now be found here.

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