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    Monday, March 16, 2009

    Ben Hur on BBC Radio 7

    Only just found out about this, but BBC Radio 7 has just finished broadcasting a four part narration of Ben Hur. Michael Gambon is one of those involved, so that, at least, suggests it should be good.

    It's one of a number of things Radio 7 has put on recently that I seem to have only caught when they were all but over - the original "Knowing Me, Knowing You" with Alan Partridge has also just been repeated. Thankfully, the whole series is still available on iPlayer, although part 1 will turn into a pumpkin at noon today, with a new episode expiring every day this week up to Thursday. I'm never sure with iPlayer what is actually available outside of the UK, so apologies if you are and you can't access it.

    The series runs for 4 hours in total making it roughly the same length as the famous 1959 film version of it.



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