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    Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Adam's Apples and Job

    I've had an email and a comment (presumably from the same person) asking about film portrayals of Job. It was actually something I looked at over the summer when we covered the book in Through the Bible in Five and a Half Years. There are very few films on Job, but I did couple across enough to justify forming a label / tag on Job.

    One film I've been meaning to write about in this respect is the Danish film Adams Aebler (Adam's Apples). I've not actually seen it, but NT Wrong offered a few comments on it when he saw it in October, and I've been meaning to catch it ever since. Here's a brief excerpt:
    But the film would be merely annoying and unsatisfying if it weren’t for its subtle intertextuality with the Book of Job. I say ’subtle’ — but there is the fact that every time the bells are rung at the small county church, the walls shake, Adam’s framed picture of Adolf Hitler falls from the wall, and the bible which Ivan gave to Adam falls off the dresser onto the floor, opening each time at the Book of Job.
    Wrong goes on to notes how these elements draw attention to the film's plot about a Pastor whose suffering is revealed as the film progresses. So it's an allegory rather than a straight adaptation, but still sounds interesting to those looking for films that explore the themes we find in Job.

    As a side note, my wife has just finished reading "The Vicar of Wakefield" which apparently contains similar themes, and the thought occurs that Adam's Apples may also be based on this book given the thematic similarities and the profession of the leading character.



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